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Demonstration of the treatment of pelvic disbalance

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Thanks to the 4-in-1 rebout training , you will have access to high-precision Swiss therapies. Watch student testimonials and others can reach you on request. The Reboutage Practitioner certificate gives you the right to open your practice throughout Europe!

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Over 14 years of experience in therapy and teaching, we train according to the latest medical and scientific advances. Our therapies are complementary to classical medicine!

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You don’t have a diploma in therapy yet, but the passion has been awakened in you? You think it’s time to do something else with your life?

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What our students think

I really appreciated this training and especially the courses and videos which were very useful supports to memorize the protocols and to become familiar with the anatomy. I was very fortunate to meet Christophe Siegenthaler who was always very attentive, kind, very gentle, whose knowledge in Neurofascialogy and in so many other areas related to health is incredible. I always have a great pleasure to discover his videos which are always very useful, which make us discover small simple gestures that can relieve and which are good complements to our training in the practice of Neurofascialogy. Very happy to be in possession of my diploma, I am still a little nostalgic about the end of the training, but I will keep in touch with Christophe to get news about his health but also because we have forged bonds of friendship and these bonds are precious to me.

Thank you Christophe Siegenthaler for the first Skype course you gave me.

A private session entirely dedicated for more than an hour …

It’s a tailor-made 5-star service that you can’t find anywhere else. You give so selflessly of your time and of your person. Thank you Christophe for this generosity and for the beautiful person that you are. I look forward to sharing this training with you… And I encourage anyone to train with him.

See you soon and take good care of yourself. Excellent weekend 😎 Célestine

Good evening, everyone,

I also wanted to share with you my opinion about the Neurofascialogy training I am currently pursuing and to tell you a few words about Christophe.

Indeed, a few months ago, I embarked on the great adventure of Neurofascialogy and it was a very good choice both on a human level because Christophe Siegenthaler is an outstanding trainer who knows how to transmit his knowledge with immense humility and who is of great benevolence.

Moreover, he is always available for our questions, our doubts and to accompany us on this magnificent journey more than many trainers who would be contented with the simple minimum.

As far as training is concerned, the video courses are of high quality and very detailed, which facilitates learning and offers an extremely rich support.

The contents are very accessible for all and quickly enable to acquire a lot of knowledge but it requires work and hard work which is quite legitimate to become a good therapist.

Finally, if there was a school training guide such as the Michelin guide for restaurants, I would not hesitate to give 3 stars to this school as well as one star especially for Christophe Siegenthaler whom I really appreciate.

nice evening to you.


Training at the academy,

The validation of the acquired knowledge is fast approaching with very good results on the first modules already validated.

98% positive feedback or when you chose the right method… Thank you Christophe.

I am looking forward to validating it all next month and to be able to practice fully for the well-being of as many people as possible.

Already, a very big thank you to Marie-Laure for her patience and her pedagogy (and her unfailing dynamism) as well as to Christophe for his availability and especially his inexhaustible advice.

The journey already covered in one year is already long but the learning is perpetual! The quality of the materials and the method used allows everyone to find their own rhythm.

Having taken the bone-setting training, I can only recommend it.

Marie-Laure and Christophe are people who listen, are passionate, available and very professional.

A very complete training where we progress at our own pace while validating our knowledge after each module.

Thank you very much for these sessions of exchange, questioning that have made me and will make me surpass myself at every moment and at every treatment.


Thank you Christophe for this beautiful training. I am really delighted to have discovered this method of treatment.

Thanks also to Marie-Laure for the transmission of your knowledge. Thank you!

In the midst of the Neurofascialogy Training, I can only advise you.

It is a very professional training, very practical and very easy to follow.

Christophe is always available and very didactic!

To be seized without any doubt!!

Thank you very much Christophe !!