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The Siegenthaler Devenir Thérapeute academy is located at Rue Faller 2, 1202 Geneva (Switzerland)


Any registration for the online training of the Becoming Therapist Academy implies knowledge and full acceptance of these General Conditions which have the value of Contract between the student and the Siegenthaler Becoming Therapist Academy.

Only adults (over 18) are allowed to register for this training.

Student recognition

The student recognizes that this online training is in no way a therapy, either individual or group. The student realizes that this online training has no relation to medical treatment or psychological help and does not replace it in any case.

The student recognizes that this online training does not have the value of a “diploma” or “license” in Psychotherapy. The student is aware of training only in the practice he chooses.

To date, the following training courses are available:
– Certification Training as practitioner in Neurofascialogy
– Treatment of Myofascial Syndromes or Points-Triggers
– Fascia Therapy
– Advanced Certificate of Neurofascialogy
– Delta Coaching Health Training

The student recognizes that the Académie Devenir Thérapeute Siegenthaler is free to choose the way in which online and / or classroom training will be delivered. The student acknowledges that he may be dismissed from all or part of this online training, without any right to reimbursement, for false declaration during registration, if he were to breach his attendance commitments, to be missed respect for the trainer (s) and / or other students, as well as for all educational reasons, of which the trainer (s) are the sole judges.

The student recognizes that, for reasons of security, ethics and for the comfort of all, the Académie Devenir Thérapeute Siegenthaler reserves the right to refuse without justification any request for registration for his training.

Student health

If the student suspects or knows that he is suffering from any physical or psychological problem, the latter undertakes to follow an appropriate treatment until complete improvement before starting this online training. The student declares to be in good physical and psychological health when he begins his training.

Prices – Payment

Only registrations accompanied by their complete payment will be retained.

Any training started is due in full. No refund will be possible once the student has received access to the online training platform.

Certificate of Practitioner in Neurofascialogy

The student who has followed all of the online courses, completed the required homework and passed the exams, may request the “Certificate Practitioner in Neurofascialogy” from the Académie Devenir Thérapeute Siegenthaler. To do this, all they need to do is send an email to info [@] neurofascialogy.com confirming their identity.

Registration confirmation and access to online training

Upon receipt of the payment, the Académie Devenir Thérapeute will confirm to the student his participation in the online training and will communicate his personal access codes by email.

The access codes communicated to the student to access the online training platform are strictly personal and non-transferable, failing which the student will no longer be able to access the online training platform or the coaching sessions with the teachers. Any refund will be excluded.

Training material

The training materials such as documents, pdf, etc. belong to the student, with the exception of videos and audios, which remain the property of Devenir Thérapeute Siegenthaler and are therefore made available to the student for the purpose of learning the different subjects taught. The student therefore does not have the right to copy them on his computer nor to view and / or share them with third parties. This training is personal and therefore not transferable, failing which the student will no longer be able to access the online training platform or the coaching sessions with the teachers. Any reimbursement will be excluded and claims for damages may be required.


In the event of disputes between the Académie Devenir Thérapeute Siegenthaler and the pupil, the place of jurisdiction being in Geneva, Switzerland, the competent court will be Genevese.

Acceptance of the general conditions

The payment of the first monthly payment of the training implies unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions.



You don’t have a diploma in therapy yet, but the passion has been awakened in you? You think it’s time to do something else with your life?

A rewarding activity for you and for the people you will help? Or do you want to add new skills to be even more effective?