An innovative vision

Initially the training sessions were indoors as usual and nothing predestined me to be a pioneer in the French-speaking world and few years later in the rest of the world. It is thanks to Lyme disease and then a fall on my stairs that I was forced to use distance training via an online support with videos as well as video conference coaching via skype.

It was clear that the results were up to par or even better. Indeed, after having completed the training session for the students who had registered to come to the physical lesson and then had accepted to continue in this new form I decided to take up the challenge of training 5 students only online. Once the training was completed they came to the classroom and it was then obvious that their level was much better than the other students…

Why? Well, because the lessons are individual and contrary to certain prejudices, the teacher sees much more detail despite the virtual side than a classroom lesson where he is constantly solicited by the students. That’ s when I decided to deploy this way of teaching on a large scale, allowing students to work at their own pace, to make appointments with teachers according to their availability and to offer at the end of the course, for those who wish, the possibility to come to me for further training in the classroom.

After training in natural and structural osteopathy I turned to sports massage. Followed by clinical massage and then to trigger point therapy. I then fell in love with bone-setting which was a real revelation both on a human and professional level. Other training has been added but I will let you read my professional career…

The problem encountered was to succeed in providing a range of tools to practitioners so that they could provide care by treating the person as a whole. It is difficult for someone who consults to have to call upon several therapists, each with their own techniques and limits.

Integrate 4 training courses into one

The idea therefore came naturally to me to take Neurofascialogy as a central pillar and to add in the main training, basics of postural corrections, bone setting techniques, trigger-point and fascia therapies. The therapist comes out of the training with real skills, which will be extremely useful when opening a practice as obtaining the certificates will allow you to become self-employed as a professional.

And that’s how students have been trained for several years with the testimonials you will certainly have read on the home page as well as on social networks. Contact us to find out more. As the human being is at the center of our priorities we always arrange a meeting to give you the best advice because not everyone is suited to this career. With an ever-increasing demand we need to be well organized. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Christophe Siegenthaler



You don’t have a diploma in therapy yet, but the passion has been awakened in you? You think it’s time to do something else with your life?

A rewarding activity for you and for the people you will help? Or do you want to add new skills to be even more effective?