Christophe Siegenthaler

Christophe Siegenthaler

Founder & Director



  • Basic Shiatsu
  • Anatomy – Physiology – Pathology
  • Classic & Sports Massage
  • Clinical Massage Therapy
  • Ancestral Bone-setting Therapy
  • Natural Osteopathy
  • Structural Osteopathy
  • Triggers-Points (manual, suction cup and moxa)
  • Advanced Triggers Points – Ion pumping cords and acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Naturopathy

From practice to teaching

After completing several full courses in the complementary medicine field, working in several hospitals and then helping people with my own manual therapy practice, I decided to pass the torch by teaching.

Initially anxious to respect the original osteopathy therapy methods, I realized, through daily practice, that they were not effective enough and had the opportunity to learn bone-setting techniques that opened my brain. It was through further training with a new approach to ancestral therapist methods that I realized that we could go much further, by adopting a global care approach.

That’s how I came up with the idea of combining the foundations of osteopathic techniques with other therapies such as bone-setting, fascia therapy, trigger-point therapy and postural correction techniques.

In an environment polluted by multiple environmental factors, it was necessary to develop treatments, combining the musculoskeletal aspect, the neuro-vegetative nervous system and of course the psycho-emotional, because everything that happens in the head has an impact on the body and vice versa. This means that people who come to the office no longer have to consult several practitioners, who often pass the buck.

Most of the time, the therapy allows to treat a problem in 1 to 3 sessions, thus fitting in the briefs therapies. Even the so-called chronic pathologies find surprising answers because if it is not possible to bring the body to heal itself, we can still significantly reduce pain, restore mobility, allowing the person to regain a comfortable life.

The central pillar of all the training provided: The Neurofascialogy Therapy

Neurofascialogy was developed with the aim of bringing together a set of therapies where only the best of each was kept. It will have taken 3 years and hundreds of hours of treatments to achieve this goal.

First of all a rigorous analysis process to allow a purification: I wanted to keep only what really worked with scientific medical evidence. Then bring together and test all these therapies put together to provide a unified overall treatment. Finally, I wanted to offer simple learning and use protocols so that the therapist could focus on the person and not on the technique.

The therapy is suitable for all therapists, who have, most of the time, an atypical profile and a very particular life experience, which precisely allows to better understand those who come to see them and to welcome them with respect, kidness and without judgment.

Are you like me in the past? You have this knowledge… You know what to do and how to do it… but you can’t explain it… And you want to deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge… You’ve come to the right place!

Otherwise maybe, you want to reorient yourself but you think that your inexperience could be a brake… Absolutely not, because if you have the will, you will learn!

Contact us to set up an interview and we can discuss together to see what can be done.

Excellent continuation and see you soon.

Christophe Siegenthaler



You don’t have a diploma in therapy yet, but the passion has been awakened in you? You think it’s time to do something else with your life?

A rewarding activity for you and for the people you will help? Or do you want to add new skills to be even more effective?